Tools for your Suspension and Brake repairs

Suspension and Brake Tools

Proper tools can make your suspension rebuild much much easier, and even save money vs having to take your vehicle to the repair shop. Remember to always THINK SYSTEM to restore or improve the original performance and handling of your vehicle.

Ball Joint and bushing remover press
Pitman and Idler arm puller

Key Tools to work on your suspension

  • Ball Joint Press (also used for bushings)
  • Puller (for pitman arms, idlers, shafts)
  • Tire Tread Depth Gage
  • Power Steering Pressure Gauge
  • Hub tool
  • Spring/Strut compressors

We’ve attached below a great listing of suspension and brake tools to be able to diagnose and handle almost any suspension or brake noise or problem.

Post a message with what tools have been most helpful to you, and we’ll update the list!