Mopar A Body suspension kit

Stability is Power. A great suspension is the key to harnessing all that nasty power you’re trying to stuff into your A body.

  • A Body
    • Dodge
      • 63-76 Dart
      • 71-72 Demon
    • Plymouth
      • 64-69 Barracuda
      • 70-76 Duster
      • 71-76 Scamp
      • 63-76 Valiant

Lucky for you we’ve got just the kit you need, and it’s full of available upgrades like heavy duty 11/16” tie rod ends with solid polished
stainless steel adjusting sleeves, graphite-
enriched polyurethane bushings, and
advanced CasterCurve ball joints.
If original restoration is more your style, we
also offer the front end kit with factory size
9/16” tie rod ends + sleeves, and you can still
get your bushings in stock rubber.

MOOG part numbers for 63-72 A Bodies with factory drum brakes:
K704 x2 upper ball joints
K785 x1 lower right ball joint
K787 x1 lower left ball joint
ES401R x2 outer tie rod ends
ES401L x2 inner tie rod ends
ES319S x2 tie rod sleeves
K7040 x1 strut rod bushing kit
K408 x1 upper bushing kit
K791 x1 lower bushing kit