GM F Bodies

Chevy Camaro Pontiac Firebird

Modern Technology. From updated and improved ball joint design to heavy duty steering linkage and matched pairs of virgin spring steel leafs, the up-to-date technology of Works Kit™ engineering will give your car a brand new life.

  • F Body
    • Chevrolet
      • 67-69 Camaro
      • 70-81 Camaro
      • 82-92 Camaro
      • 93-02 Camaro
    • Pontiac
      • 67-69 Firebird
      • 69 Trans Am
      • 70-81 Firebird
      • 70-81 Trans Am
      • 82-92 Firebird
      • 82-92 Trans Am
      • 93-02 Firebird
      • 93-02 Trans Am

The foundation of every car is its suspension, and our standard kits can comfortably add deep reserves of stopping and cornering power, while upgraded kits create a crisp ride with sharp responses that exceed modern sports cars. The key is our CasterCurve ball joints and enriched polyurethane bushings that bolt right into your car but still have the latest in internal suspension design, giving you a no-compromise package. Standard kit includes all four ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends with sleeves, upper and lower control arm bushings, and rebound bumpers. Be sure to ask about adding a set of coil springs,

MOOG part numbers for 67-69 F Bodies:
K5108 x2 upper ball joints
K5103 x2 lower ball joints
ES381R x2 outer tie rod ends
ES681N x2 inner tie rod ends
ES350S x2 tie rod sleeves
K5196 x1 upper bushing kit
K6076 x1 lower bushing kit

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  1. Looking for upper and lower control arm bolts that mount control arm to subframe for a 1979 Camaro z28

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